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Restored Volkswagen Kombi for shipping
Volkswagen Kombi
Here is a classic example of a Volkswagen Kombi that has been restored and repaired to its original condition. We can offer a variety of different vehicles that can be supplied. We have contacts over in South Africa who can supply various makes and models of vehicles with a variety of different years and specifications. These can be shipped through our RORO or FCL Services.
Ford Escort Shipping LCL
Ford Escort
Here we can see a Ford Escort loaded on our racking system. This allows for the front of the vehicle to be lifted higher allowing for a second vehicle to fit underneath. Using this system it allows for 3-4 vehicles to be loaded into a 40ft container. This is via our LCL Service. This offers a variety of different shipping suggestions and can be used for shipping different sized vehicles. For this shipment we completed the South African documentation as well as UK customs and clearance. This means the shipments customs are very easy for the customer, as they have hugely reduced the amount of paperwork to be completed by themselves.
Classic Mercedes 240 shipping
Mercdes 240
This Mercedes 240 was delivered into our yard by the customer, this meant we just simply had to load the vehicle into the container. Customer just wanted a simple LCL Service and with a variety of services added onto the UK side of things. This allowed for us to act quickly as the customer had sourced and delivered the vehicle. On this particular job the customer arranged for the South African Docs themselves. Once completed they submitted them to us and we verified. After completion the shipment was underway.
Restored Volkswagen Kombi for sale
Kombis for sale
Auto Classics currently have six Splitscreen project vehicles that are ready for a restoration, Our complete Splitwindow restoration packages are a full turn-key offering and payment is split over the build period, restoration is 4-6 months per vehicle a 50% deposit and the balance on completion/key hand-over. - 1956 semaphore 11 window bus - 1965 11 window bus (safari windows) - 1964 11 window bus - 1961 double cab (bullet indicators) - 1962 single cab - 1964 panelvan
Restored Kombis SA Shipping
Restoration process
Pricing will vary depending on model and include a compete bare metal restoration on the vehicle. Our restoration include: Complete strip, body preparation (rust removal, welding new plates where necessary, lead work where necessary) & re-assemble, Complete respray (interior and exterior) with undercarriage stone-chip, Full mechanical overhaul, Complete new interior including new roof lining, seats, door panels, carpeting/flooring, all trimmings (imported from Germany), Complete new rubber kit, Reconditioned air-cooled 2000/1600 engine We are able to install Westfalia-style camper interiors on our Kombi's.
Classic Car Shipping Services
Additional Services

One of the advantages of being a part of a huge network is the ability to work alongside a variety of comapnies who offer an elite service. We have lings all over SA and the UK therefore allowing for a complete door to door service. We can:

Source vehicles specific makes/models/ extras
Speak to sellers/dealers on your behalf
Check the vehicle is legitimater
Collect the vehicle
Arrange export documentation
Do minor repairs on vehicles if required
Arrange shipping to the UK Either
Unload the vehicles in the UK
Arrange UK Clearance
Arrange Vehicle registration
Deliver to your door
We can do as many or as little of these services down to your specific needs and requirements.

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