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Please see below the various stages of the process:
Vehicle Sourcing

Auto Classics has a wide range of contacts all over South Africa, This allows for us to search the whole country looking for your desired vehicle. Not only can we find the best vehicles in South Africa we will make sure you get a great price for the vehicle, This means we will negotiate with the dealer to offer you the best price for the vehicle itself. This along with our already great package prices means you the whole shipment may be come to less than you think.


After we have found the right car for yourself and we have made sure that we can get the best price for your desired car the next stage is to go and check the vehicle. Once of our colleagues over in South Africa will go and check the vehicle for you ensuring that it is in a good condition and in working order (if purchasing for resale) or there is no major structural damage ( if purchasing for restoration). This allows for you to rest easy knowing you have a good vehicle on the way. We are more than happy to take pictures of the vehicle and to ensure that you are happy with the vehicle.


Once we have found and checked the right vehicle we then proceed to require payment for the vehicle from the customer. This means you pay in GBP. This allows for you to know the money is safe and secure as well as no last minute surprises with the exchange rate or sellers being difficult. We will take the hassle out of it whilst offering a safer more secure payment method.


We understand that you will want to make sure the vehicle is safe and secure so we transport on the back of a transport making sure to minimise the chances of damage are minimal, also this allows for the vehicle to be stored at our safe and secure yard until the vehicle has been inspected and is ready for shipping. Meaning minimal port fee's.

South African Clearance

Once the vehicle has passed step one and is at the warehouse our next stage is to make sure the vehicle is ready for shipment. The main stage is to get the vehicle passed through customs clearance, This is simple for us as we clear a high volume of vehicles and all the correct paperwork needed for any shipping situation, This therefore makes it easier and more efficient than you completing yourself.

South African Documentation

As well as customs clearance the vehicle needs to have 4 additional peices of paperwork wen being exported. These are Data Dot, De-registration, Police Clearance and Export certificate. Each has it own purpose and allows for the vehicle to be shipped safely and legitimately.


When the vehicle has been received into the depot we will re-inspect the vehicle, if any damage or minor faults have been found with the vehicle they can be repaired if required, this may be cheaper than having the work completed in the UK as well as taking away that extra inconvenience. This applies to both customer who have had inspections (prices can be given before purchase) and if you have delivered and sourced the vehicle yourself.

Documention Purpose

Police clearance confirms the vehicle is sold and exported legally and there is no outstanding credit/problems with the car. This leaves both piece of mind for yourself as well as helping reduce the risk of theft over in South Africa.

De-Registration is simply taking it off the South African Database so it can be added to the DVLA's database, This means that the vehicle can then be registered in the UK with no issues.

Export Certificate Verifies that the vehicle is ready to shipped and exported from the country. This is part of the customs regulations and terms of shipping

Data Dot is a theft protection service offered in SA, This is to verify the vehicle is owned legally and you are not shipping a stolen vehicle.

RORO is when the vehicle is driven onto and off the vehicle, It is usually the cheapest and quickest transit. We work with various lines to enable us to offer the best prices and transit times for all vehicles. This is also ideal for larger vehicles that cannot fit inside the container. For more information please see the RORO page.

FCL or also known as full container load. This enables us to fit between 1 and 3 vehicles into a container, This depends on the vehicles dimensions, This is the best service if you want additional security on your goods or are looking to ship more than 1 vehicle. For more information please see the FCL page.

LCL or more commonly known as shared container. This allows for the additional safety of a container but with a cheaper rate than a whole container. This is best for saloons or smaller 4x4's as it allows for more space in the container for other vehicles reducing the rate. For more information please see the LCL Page.

Auto Classics are the most effective on the market for UK customers as we are based in the UK and deal in GBP. This means you have a set price and don't need to worry about exchange rates changing. Also we are governed by UK Jurisdiction, this gives you extra piece of mind. Also our staff are available 9-5 Monday to Friday. This allows for you to contact us via email or phone within normal UK working hours. All our staff have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in working with imports from South Africa and can advise on the shipping process or payment procedures. For more reasons please see the About Us page.

UK Clearance

We are able to offer clearance in the UK once the vehicle arrives, this allows for the vehicle to be acknowledged into the UK and the Tax and duties invoice to be created. This is one of the many stages of the import and also alerts us that the goods are in the UK.

UK Port Fee's

Each shipping method attracts different costs when arriving in the UK, FCL for instance attracts terminal handling charges and unloading fee's and this also varies depending on the size of the container, Each quote will be tailored to your needs and your final costs.

UK Tax and Duties

UK tax and duties are the fee's that you pay for the vehicle upon UK entry. The standard rate is 10% duty and 20% tax, however this varies when it comes to classic cars, as some are able to come in under reduced rates. We are able to calculate this and see the final costs as well as produce the invoice for you upon arrival.

Additional UK Services

As well as the clearance and port fee's we are able to offer delivery or effectively communicate with customers to enable them to collect from the delivery ports. FCL will usually be Southampton, LCL will be in our Essex depot and RORO will normally be Southampton on Sheerness.

Export from UK

As we are based in the UK we can also ship vehicles and goods to many worldwide destinations including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. This is due to our strong links in the shipping industry and our experiances. We are also cheap, reliable and efficient.

Car Parts

We understand that classic cars may breakdown and may not be in running order, We are able to also source classic car parts and ship them via our LCL service. We can also offer whole containers to be delivered around South Africa for loading if you wish to pack the goods yourself.

Household Goods

As well as sending cars to and from South Africa we can send your household goods, this can be done be either through the FCL service. We would come to your address with a container, we provide 3 hours loading time in which you load the container and then the container gets sealed and delivered to the port ready for shipping to your final destination.

Other Countries

Auto classics can also offer a variety of different services all around the world, For the UK we can offer a complete package, However for a variety of different countries such as USA, Australia, New Zealand and China we offer door to port services, This allows for us to do the sourcing and shipping however you would need to find your own clearing agent to offer the final services. Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is any shipment from South Africa you wish to proceed with and we will do our up most to help.

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