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classic mercedes south africaclassic mercedes south africa
Sourcing and Importing South African Classics

We are a UK based company with direct contacts in South Africa. We can therefore assist in sourcing and Shipping classic and vintage cars from South Africa to the UK & worldwide. South Africa has a wide range of used classics & vintage cars. Our service will involve inspecting these vehicles to ensure there are no hidden faults.
Affordable Classic Cars
The cost of classic cars in South Africa is considerably cheaper than buying them in the UK.Classic cars shipped to the UK from South Africa also attract cheap duty meaning a considerbale saving if you buy from South Africa. Through our network of dealers and agents in South Africa, we can assist with the inspection, purchase and Shipping of these vehicles to the UK.
Used car container loading
Reliable Agent in South Africa

We have a reliable agent in Durban South Africa who will handle all the export paperwork and documentation. This will include police clearance and all other paperwork to ensure vehicle can be exported from South Africa Our agent will also assist with delivery of the vehicle safely to the port of export. We currently ship out of Durban, Cape town and port Elizabeth

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